Show of hoofs: Who here has fallen into a cooking rut at some point in the past two years? Curious about solutions, I canvassed my herd at The Moospaper and got some suggestions for making THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese the life of the party.

Combat Entertaining Stress

THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese makes an easy, satisfying appetizer or snack while the turkey is roasting or the ham is baking. Top it with cranberry sauce, cube it up and dip it in Buffalo sauce for game day bites. If you feel fancy, wrap THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese with puff pastry and drizzle it with apricot preserves.

Get Back to Basics

“OH SO ORIGINAL” baked cheese is our customer favorite and makes great grilled cheese. No bread required.

Step Up Your Condiment Game

Add a little jam or maple syrup to THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese for a breakfast you won’t forget. Or my personal favorite is to add a liberal dose of hot sauce on top of ROASTED GARLIC baked cheese.

Start A New Routine

Serve a different flavor of THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese each night of the week and see the family favorite. 

Have A Few Folks Over Midweek

Pick the most random night of the week and create a simple pizza party with THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese. Add a little pepperoni or sausage on top of CHEESY PIZZA for a twist. 

Snack-ify dinner

Make a charcuterie board with THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese at the center. Then on the platter, surround it with dips, spreads, crudités, and sausage. The clean-up is easy, and it will feel like a weekend.

Think BIG

Enjoy THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese at all every meal -- Breakfast (Keto French Toast), Lunch (Baby Portobello Panini), Dinner (Vegetable Lasagna Stack), and Dessert (with honey, fruit, and nuts). With so many irresistible flavors to choose from, what’s BIGger than that?

Ask for help

Feel like a short-order cook sometimes? THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese is so easy to prepare. Anyone can do it. Just heat and eat. The microwave works in a pinch, but THE BIG MOO Baked Cheese is really better when seared, grilled, or baked. And don't forget the air fryer.

If all else fails and you’re still in a rut, email me nellie@thebigmoocheese.com. Put "MOOOOOre Recipes" in the subject line of your email, and send me a list of what’s in your fridge or freezer, what you like to eat, and how many people you're feeding. I'll consult with the herd and send you 3 new recipe ideas.