We're delighted to be recognized by The Grocer UK as the #1 emerging food trend 2022! It's all about baked cheese!

For the first time since 2019, The Brand Nursery has been back to The Fancy Food Show on the lookout for emerging trends. Plenty of the trends we’ve spotted over previous years – hot sauce, honey, popcorn, protein bars, jerky and savoury snacks – remained on show at this year’s event in New York. But we also noted some new ones with potential. Here are our top 10.

1. Cheese

We’ve never seen as much cheese at the show as there was this year – an abundance of dairy (and a few non-dairy) delights from across the world. But in amongst the block cheeses were a few new innovations that seek to broaden cheese consumption occasions.

Folio’s Cheese Wraps are 100% all-natural, lightly baked sheets of cheese made from parmesan, cheddar or Jarlsberg, and can be used as a lower-carb version of a standard wrap.
Meanwhile, Ellsworth Co-operative Creameries from Wisconsin has created Cheddar Curd Crunchers – a snack product made from freeze-dried cheese curds that actually delivers more of a ‘squeak’ than a crunch, a bit like a popcorn.
And another Wisconsin business, The Big Moo, has created a baked cheese range designed to be grilled and eaten hot, with the most distinctive branding we have come across in this sector.

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